Managed Security

We can help manage and maintain continuity within your IT infrastructure by implementing cutting edge real time security features that can detect and quickly prevent harmful infections or intrusions. Our security analyst’s understand the importance of network security and appreciate the value in keeping our customers data secure. We pride ourselves on custom tailoring individual security solutions that fit each customers exact needs and threats.

Managed Services

Computer Junction takes a proactive approach on all business IT solutions with unparalleled service in managing network infrastructure. Our team of highly experienced technicians can handle all your I.T. needs on a contract or individual service basis. We can analyze your current configuration and locate all performance and bandwidth bottle necks allowing us to optimize your entire infrastructure allowing your employees to work more efficiently. Business IT Support
With businesses relying more and more on I.T. Solutions for their day to day operations, we understand the urgency when something goes wrong. That’s why we offer rapid time response IT support. Whether it’s contract or per-incident basis, we are here to help get you back up and running.